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Searching for a house for rent in Hyderabad – Few useful links

For the last one month I have been doing some serious house hunting
for renting a house and finally managed to book a house today!I thought I would share some links which I found to be very useful
during my search.

1) MagicBricks search…

2) CraigsList listings (surprisingly I found many good posts here, I
thought craigslist was popular only in US)

3) Sulekha Twitter feed (subscribe to this using a feed reader, I have
used feedrinse to filter only rent related tweets)… – For the entire classifieds feed

4) FullHyd listings

5) 99 Acres search (if the link below doesnt work, try some search and
then change the default sort order, this will change the URL to a
bookmarkable URL like below)…

6) listings

7) Easy Tolet listings (almost all posts have pictures in this site)…

I found Sulekha twitter feed and magicbricks to be most useful and
also frequently updated.

Happy House Hunting 🙂


Testing Posterous

Just setup an account in and this is a test message to see if it is as easy as it sounds…

Quote of the day

What is the role of a partly leader? I would assume it is to work on behalf of the party and raise money and do welfare for the people and the party workers.. But in case of Mayawati it seems to be the other way round.. This is what she has to say in wake of recent comments related to her wealth…

“The BSP workers, who earlier used to send the money to the party, started sending it to me thinking that I had no money. They (workers) asked me to utilise the money in any way I wanted–for constructing a bungalow in Delhi or in investment,”

this is why politics is such a joke in our country…

Full Article on Indian Express


I have been having a bad week in terms of predictions. Sharapova lost, so did Federer and Alonso. Now I am hoping that England wins this match, but Chanderpaul seems to have other plans.

But it would be nice to see this west indies team win the match coming back from defeat in the last test by such a huge margin.

Before you go, if you, like me, are fascinated by young rookies making it big, check out this bbc article on Lewis Hamilton which covers his dream run pretty well.