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FedEx derailed!

It was one of the best game of tennis I have seen in the recent years. Federer chasing his 6th consecutive title, would be hugely disappointed with the tight finish but the game was all about Nadal and how he managed to be mentally stronger than the Swiss.

Nadal played at the same level throughout the match, retrieving anything that Federer sent and serving those into the body serves pretty well, but what he did the best was to unsettle Federer and make him commit mistakes. Federer had to go for that extra angle in his winners as Nadal would chase down almost anything, many points had to be won by two or three winners from Federer.

While Federer’s forehand was majestic today, the backhand really let him down at crucial stages, it was strange to see so many uncharacteristic errors from him, but then he just could not play his natural free flowing tennis against Nadal.

Throughout the match, most of Federer’s service games were a stroll in the park, they got over within a minute thanks to some great serves from the Swiss, and whenever he was in slight trouble, Federer used his big serve very effectively to put Nadal out of the game. By contrast, almost all of Nadal’s service games were tight, he did not have the big serve, but served intelligently, esp on his second serves to hold on to his serves, I think Federer had like 15 breakpoints but managed to convert just one!!

In the end it was just a matter of who would crack up first; after that marvelous fourth set tiebreak I thought the 5th set would be a very easy one for Federer, I felt Nadal would not be able to control his emotions and play normally after making a complete mess of an easy chance to win the match in that tiebreak. He had a couple of match points as well, but the way Federer fought back, it was easily the best of Federer in this match – that backhand pass he played when he was matchpoint down was out of the world.

Kudos to Nadal for not being mentally strong, especially after the fourth set and play some extraordinary shots to break Federer and then hold his nerve to finish it with his serve.

Federer would need some time to recover from this defeat, but I am sure this will only push him to take his game to the next level(if there is one!) the next time the both meet.

By the way, there was also a cricket match happening in the subcontinent and India lost another final, no surprises there!