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IPL – Thoughts

So the IPL seems to have got more interesting off the field than on the field thanks to Lalit Modi.

And with all the betting and fixing allegations, I am afraid IPL may attain a similar status to WWE, that it is just entertainment and not to be taken seriously.

I hope with Sachin and Kumble taking field today for the semis, they put good cricket back into the spotlight. You cant have better ambassadors for the gentleman’s game.

With regards to the teams qualified for the semis, one common thing across all of them is that they have had all round contributions from everyone in the team and had different people who put their hands up at crucial moments during the league stages.

Mumbai seems to be the clear favorite at this stage mainly because they are strong in both batting and bowling. But Bangalore is also a very balanced side though I am still surprised someone as good as Cameron White is not in the playing XI. Deccan and Chennai have both had a very mixed tournament and have not been consistent enough in both batting and bowling. Chennai is very poor in the bowling department and I think that will hurt them.

My prediction is : Bangalore vs Deccan final (repeat of last year’s) and a Bangalore win.

And if this does not happen I blame it on Modi for fixing the results 🙂