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Where are you Mr Coach?

Surprising that I have not seen a single report mentioning the Indian Coach, Gary kirsten. He was supposed to be in Australia as a consultant, before the tour started and there has been no news since. I am not even sure where he is right now. Wondering how the media did not get his opinion on this Sydney test imbroglio.


Bucknor down down

Another year, another test, same result….

When will Bucknor retire? He has caused more trouble for India than the Aussies.

Today Symonds was 100% out, the nick was very clear and loud, but he chose to ignore it, and we all know this is not the first time he has done this against us.

Will Sehwag come bak in Tests…

Dinesh Karthik has been having a bad series so far. And seeing the way Dravid and Jaffer are batting, there is a possibility that we may not need to bat again in this test; so will they think of replacing Karthik in the next match…

I think Sehwag in form, is a great addition to our batting lineup, we need someone at the top who can play very aggressively; esp with the Australian tour coming up.. And I like the way he has become fitter now and esp the running between wickets…

Already, there is no place for Yuvraj in the team, and we need someone who plays aggressively in our lineup. Dhoni is very effective down the order, so if we have Sehwag blasting Brett Lee and co. at the top, it would be a great advantage for us.

Ofcourse, I am not against Dinesh Karthik, and I hope, he gets back to form very soon; but Sehwag is a match winner and can change the course of a match very quickly, something we need to consider when we are playing against the Aussies.

Apart from Sehwag and karthik, I dont think we have any other option as of now, at-least before the next series.

Update: Dravid got out as soon as this post got published 😦

India in semis!!

No Sachin,Saurav,Dravid in the team.

Not much T20 experience for the players.

A new captain and a new side.

It has been a remarkable performance by TEAM INDIA in this T20 world cup to reach the semis.

Everyone played their part, wonderful fielding vs SA and good knocks from all batsmen.

Two good semifinal clashes ahead. Would be great to see India vs Pak Final. But an Aus vs Nz match would also be a clash of the rivals.

Good and Bad of Media

The media has become much more powerful than before, in India. With new news channels cropping up every month and the increase in awareness of the people, the media can literally make or break someone’s life with the power they possess.

But is this development really good for us? I am not entirely convinced.

First, I came across this news of HC giving 3 yrs jail to Pereira in the hit and run case. This retrial by HC and the judgement is completely because of the media coverage on the incident. The accused was initially let off with only 6 months prison! And only after media made so much hue and cry about that judgement, the HC interfered. This shows how media can influence the judiciary even! 

While I was thanking the media for the above development, I read this other news about how an entire sting operation was staged! The teacher who was accused with harassment has been harassed by the society over the past one week. She was even attacked by a mob. Only because of the sensationalism made by the media on this.

Media, having such an influence on the public should realize its responsibilities and behave accordingly; as a guide for the citizens in forming their opinions and not give biased opinions as news. 

But I dont see it happening anytime soon as TV channels seem to be only worried about their viewership ratings and do not care about who gets victimized because of it.

Perfect Match for India

It was a stunning batting performance from India to outplay England. Sachin’s innings was a delight to watch; Sourav played some gorgeous shots and then Yuvraj played like a Maharaj. Never did England look on top. Boundaries were scored off almost every over. Stuart Broad was shown his place and the disdain Ganguly showed for Anderson made Collingwood worry about his bowling options for the first time.

It is surprising to see us down in this series with all our top 4 batsmen in such good form. We have been losing mainly because of our team composition. Even yesterday, our gamble with Gambhir came off, but still I would prefer Dravid to come at number 3 and have Robin Uthappa down the order instead of Karthik/Gambhir.

Our fielding was more spirited yesterday, though not that effective yet. That ball was definitely jinxed, it kept hitting the fingers everytime.

The next match is going to be very crucial for India, not to lose the momentum and continue this kind of form. If someone can also get that century that has been elusive in this tour, it would be a bonus.

Losing the plot

India lost the match comprehensibly yday. I can only think of one reason. We played a lot of test cricket recently and the Indians thought a one day match can be drawn! Gambhir, Dhoni, Dravid were thinking of drawing this match and tried hard to save it and then worry about the series later.. but sadly they couldnt even muster a draw as they were all out…

Seriously, were Indians ever in the match! I saw only one team out there. The way Bell and Cook played and how effortlessly they picked boundaries almost every over during the crucial middle overs was exceptional. Apart from Zaheer, none of the bowlers asked any questions and the fielding was pathetic to say the least. Just the other day we were discussing about the way the young Indians fielded against England Lions, but now the laziness is back and I wonder how it is gonna be when Powar or Munaf joins the field.

Coming to the batting, well England are a better fielding side, but no one would have thought Monty to cause a run out. But Ganguly was more involved in the run out than Monty. And then when you expect your most reliable batsman(read Dravid) at number 3 to steady the situation and rotate the strike, a listless Gambhir comes in and is very content in leaving the balls and making Sachin frustrated at the non striker’s end and then eventually gets out making the situation as worse as it can get after you lose a quick wicket. And then the Indians were content for a draw, and I went to sleep…

Hoping for a reversal of fortunes like it happened in the test series.

Look who’s trying to save us from Orkut

This article makes me wonder at what age we are in.

These people who are doing the moral policing are the ones who do not respect other people’s freedom. When will they understand that this world is happy enough and do not need their services to cleanse it from the so called evils. It is these morons that we should first cast away.