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Now go Invisibile from Gtalk

Google has released a new labs edition of Google Talk. It looks very similar to the talk gadget and the gmail chat interface, with support for tabs, setting the status to invisible, etc. This is a very welcome release as I was never comfortable with chatting within the browser and the desktop Google talk was not frequently updated like the chat interface.


This can be downloaded from :


Movie Reviews from Google Search

A cool tip I found out by accident, I usually read reviews for a movie before I start watching it, and I typed “movie:illusionist” today in my Google search bar and wow, it returned me all the reviews for the movie with an aggregate rating as well, it shows all reviews for the movie and ratings alongside, I find this as the easiest way to look at all the reviews for a movie. I never knew about this movie: operator in google before.


All u need to do is type “movie:<moviename>” in ur google search box 🙂


Bonjour à tous

Je suis l’apprentissage du français

That wasn’t spam, just some French I have been learning today…

Learning a new language has become so easy thanks to Google

Just add to your GTalk friends list and you get your French master 🙂

Substitute fr to any other language, the gtalk blog talks about all supported languages here.

Happy learning…

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Simple and Eye-catching Job posting

I found one of the most simple but compelling job posting today, no doubt it was from Google 🙂

Found this in gmail, when I got a mail related to regular expressions from a friend…

Google Jobs

Google! I am feeling lucky this week..

Two of my oft used web apps received major updates this week.

Google Reader has got Search and a lot of other enhancements making it even more better and easier to use.

And Orkut has added news feeds like Facebook. I always liked Facebook more but stuck with Orkut because I have more than 200 friends who have not yet moved to Facebook. So it is nice to see many enhancements in Orkut recently.

It is nice to see Orkut come up with news feeds finally. All the users have been doing this for a long time by changing their names. Many times I wonder who is this “New pics uploaded” in my friend list. Now if they upload new pics, they need not do this.

Also it would be good, if Orkut comes up with Status Updates like in Facebook. It would again save users from changing their names.

Finally found an use for GreaseMonkey

I installed GreaseMonkey on my Firefox a couple of months back. And I tried many of the scripts to tweak various sites, but did not find any of them very essential, so I mostly disable GreaseMonkey and have it installed only to try some new scripts..

Finally I found out a real useful script today. I am totally addicted to Google Reader these days and today I came across some post about a new firefox addon. I forgot to star it, and when I wanted to find it again, I could not locate it as I got another 200 posts within hours. I seriously dont understand why there is a search box in Google Reader, goes against the unsaid Google policy of ‘search and not sort’..

That is when I installed this Google Reader Search greasemonkey script. It is a very essential script, atleast until Google adds Search to the Reader(I hope this happens soon)

Unclutter your gmail inbox

I am getting a lot of mails from Facebook and Pownce these days; hence I was wondering if there is any way to use a filter in gmail to put them in a separate folder.

In gmail, there is no support for folders, they use labels instead, but you can create a filter in such a way to make a label similar to a folder.

Go to gmail settings to create a filter in gmail – In the actions, select “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” and then “Apply a label”..

I am not sure when this skip the inbox action was added, may be I missed it last time, but this makes it easy to remove those notifications from the inbox…

My Link Blog

You can now find a new widget on the right side of my blog mentioning all the posts that I have found interesting.

I would encourage all to start sharing the posts you enjoyed. It is just one click away if you are using Google Reader. If you arent using it, you are missing something! It is the most amazing application I have been using in a while.

Check this post for steps to starting a link blog using Google Reader.

Lost your keys, Google it!

Google is slowly encroaching into private space. Many people are complaining about the StreetView feature in Google Maps.

This post is a bit farfetched and makes for a funny read, but who knows, this day may not be too far ahead…

Web Search 2.0

I am a big big fan of Google. I have hardly thought about using any other search engine. But after reading many blog posts about the various people powered search engines that have been mushrooming recently, I decided to check them out.

And by the initial results, I am pretty impressed by what I found. The idea is pretty simple. You have a community of people or guides to actually read through the search results and rate them so that you get the most rated stuff when you search. This sounds fine, but I thought this would mean I have to wait a long time for getting my search results. But when I checked out Cha Cha I was very satisfied with the response I got.

Initially you have to type in your search term. Then you have the option of chatting live! with a guide who asks further questions and finds out the best from the results. It depends on the guide, but all of them I had a chance to speak with were very good.

People Powered search is fast becoming the next big trend in terms of search. I wonder when the big guys like Google, Yahoo and MS are gonna jump into this.

In case you are interested in other similar search engines, please visit Mashable’s Top Ten which has a detailed comparison.