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Blog client for Mac

One of the reasons for my very long break from blogging has been the inability to find a good blog client once I moved to using a Mac.
In Windows, I loved using Live Writer (surprisingly one of the few MS products I love).

I am too lazy to open and then write a post from the admin interface, I would prefer an offline blog client and Live Writer seemed perfect.

And ever since moving to Mac, I have not been able to find a replacement
which is free.

After some searching, I am trying out ScribeFire which is a firefox plugin. Initial impressions seem to be good, and also since firefox is one app which I have open almost 100% of the time on my macbook, I hope that the frequency of my blogging increases 🙂

I am still searching for a desktop client (free) in Mac to replace Live Writer; if you have any suggestions, please add them in the comments.


My Firefox 3 extensions list

Application: Firefox 3.0 (2008052906)
Operating System: WINNT (x86-msvc)

Firefox 3 Beta rocks! – Try it out

I just downloaded the Beta 2 of Firefox 3. And I am pretty impressed 🙂

Some of the key features I found to be very useful in FF 3:

  • Tagging for bookmarks
  • Integrated History and Bookmark search from the address bar
  • A quick find search box in the Manage Passwords panel. – This is very very useful if you are trying to search for a password.
  • A new smart Bookmarks folder that has most visited and recently visited pages.
  • A button to open ‘Manage addons’ from Firefox Options panel. – I many often go to the Options panel instead of Addons, so this is helpful

But still, I am not able to find most extensions to be compatible with FF3 and that is the main reason I am not migrating to FF3 and just trying to get familiar with the new features.

And the coolest thing is that FF3 comes in Portable edition, so you can just download the portable version from here, and then download it to some other folder like D:\Firefox3\ and run that exe instead of your normal Firefox exe whenever you want to work on FF3. None  of your settings in Firefox 2 are affected because of this and you are safe to return back to browsing in Firefox 2.

Firefox Personas – Switch skins easily

One of the little annoyances in Firefox is selecting a good theme; you need to install all of them, and keep restarting everytime you change the theme.

Now, a new firefox addon, Personas, makes life easier for you. It has a set of skins which you can just select and the skin is applied immediately to the browser, so it is pretty easy to see which skin you like and choose it.

Also, instead of selecting a particular skin, you can select a category feed which automatically selects a random skin from that category.

Though the skins aren’t as complete like themes(only the background and the colors change, not the fonts or the icons), it is very easy to use and can be used in combination with any theme.

So what are you waiting for, install the extension from here, and start coloring your browser…

Cool Firefox hacks

Two super cool hacks for the bookmarks toolbar that I have been wanting for a long time…

Both involves changing the userchrome.css.

  1. AutoHide Bookmarks Toolbar
  2. Multi-Row Bookmarks Toolbar

Finally found an use for GreaseMonkey

I installed GreaseMonkey on my Firefox a couple of months back. And I tried many of the scripts to tweak various sites, but did not find any of them very essential, so I mostly disable GreaseMonkey and have it installed only to try some new scripts..

Finally I found out a real useful script today. I am totally addicted to Google Reader these days and today I came across some post about a new firefox addon. I forgot to star it, and when I wanted to find it again, I could not locate it as I got another 200 posts within hours. I seriously dont understand why there is a search box in Google Reader, goes against the unsaid Google policy of ‘search and not sort’..

That is when I installed this Google Reader Search greasemonkey script. It is a very essential script, atleast until Google adds Search to the Reader(I hope this happens soon)

What are you addicted to?

Which websites are you most addicted to? I knew I was kind of spending more time on Google Reader, but just found out that I orkut 37% of my time and Google Reader comes a close second at 34%. And I also found that I spend 55% of my time from morning in active browsing…

If you want to know your addictions, all you need is this Firefox extension. Page Addict is a cool addon that monitors your net usage. The information is stored only on your machine and not online, so it is safe enough.. 

Firefox Extension of the Week

This is one of the most useful extensions I have used recently. With Firefox 2, the addition of search engine became a bit different, so I had to lose a lot of my old engines and had to write a lot of xml to get them back onto FF 2.

This extension (Add to Search bar) makes adding a new search engine so easy. Just right click and add 🙂

Btw, it tries to find the favicon for the site to show it in the search bar. In case you need to add your own icon, you can use the wonderful IconFinder to find icons…

Another Firefox Extension

Have been trying a lot of new extensions lately; this one is cool.

Tab Renamizer, as the name suggests makes you change the names of all of your tabs to a predefined set of names. Really cool if you are browsing all those you are not supposed to at work and want to give another impression…

Other extensions I am currently reviewing, please give feedback if you find any of these interesting…


Better Gmail

More Tools

Firefox 3D Tabs

I am a complete firefox fanatic. You will find me posting about many firefox addons and extensions..

For today, try this cool addon, Tab Effect which gives a 3D effect when you switch tabs.

In case you have any other new addon that you liked, please add to the comments.