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IPL – Thoughts

So the IPL seems to have got more interesting off the field than on the field thanks to Lalit Modi.

And with all the betting and fixing allegations, I am afraid IPL may attain a similar status to WWE, that it is just entertainment and not to be taken seriously.

I hope with Sachin and Kumble taking field today for the semis, they put good cricket back into the spotlight. You cant have better ambassadors for the gentleman’s game.

With regards to the teams qualified for the semis, one common thing across all of them is that they have had all round contributions from everyone in the team and had different people who put their hands up at crucial moments during the league stages.

Mumbai seems to be the clear favorite at this stage mainly because they are strong in both batting and bowling. But Bangalore is also a very balanced side though I am still surprised someone as good as Cameron White is not in the playing XI. Deccan and Chennai have both had a very mixed tournament and have not been consistent enough in both batting and bowling. Chennai is very poor in the bowling department and I think that will hurt them.

My prediction is : Bangalore vs Deccan final (repeat of last year’s) and a Bangalore win.

And if this does not happen I blame it on Modi for fixing the results 🙂


Where are you Mr Coach?

Surprising that I have not seen a single report mentioning the Indian Coach, Gary kirsten. He was supposed to be in Australia as a consultant, before the tour started and there has been no news since. I am not even sure where he is right now. Wondering how the media did not get his opinion on this Sydney test imbroglio.

So Bucknor goes…

Good, the ICC did the right thing by removing Bucknor from the next match. When there is a very serious complaint lodged by a team against him, it is only fair to not have him officiate again in the next match itself.

So many things have been happening over the last 2 days, the cricket has been forgotten, it is sad that the match won’t be remembered for that splendid innings from Laxman and a masterclass from Sachin… and also that gritty innings from Anil Kumble at the end.

Looks like the tour is not going to be cancelled as the ICC has removed Bucknor and also Bhajji’s ban is now in appeal. So it is very important that India plays the tour game at Canberra and try out Sehwag/Pathan and give another chance to Yuvraj and Dhoni to capture their form.

And interestingly, Bucknor is gonna be replaced by Billy Bowden, who was blamed by the Aussies for the Ashes loss.

Bucknor down down

Another year, another test, same result….

When will Bucknor retire? He has caused more trouble for India than the Aussies.

Today Symonds was 100% out, the nick was very clear and loud, but he chose to ignore it, and we all know this is not the first time he has done this against us.

Will Sehwag come bak in Tests…

Dinesh Karthik has been having a bad series so far. And seeing the way Dravid and Jaffer are batting, there is a possibility that we may not need to bat again in this test; so will they think of replacing Karthik in the next match…

I think Sehwag in form, is a great addition to our batting lineup, we need someone at the top who can play very aggressively; esp with the Australian tour coming up.. And I like the way he has become fitter now and esp the running between wickets…

Already, there is no place for Yuvraj in the team, and we need someone who plays aggressively in our lineup. Dhoni is very effective down the order, so if we have Sehwag blasting Brett Lee and co. at the top, it would be a great advantage for us.

Ofcourse, I am not against Dinesh Karthik, and I hope, he gets back to form very soon; but Sehwag is a match winner and can change the course of a match very quickly, something we need to consider when we are playing against the Aussies.

Apart from Sehwag and karthik, I dont think we have any other option as of now, at-least before the next series.

Update: Dravid got out as soon as this post got published 😦

What Competition can do…

I don’t know how much a success ICL is going to be, but it is certainly doing good to Indian cricket…

See these two stories and you will understand…

1. ICL Launches a Website developed by Microsoft

2. BCCI invites bids for websites.

Harsha Bhogle’s speech at IIMA

Harsha speaks about excellence… one of the best speeches I have heard recently…

Murdering a cricket match

Have you seen a cricket match on mute? It would be as boring as watching a parliament session(unless you have MPs throwing chappals 😉 ). Without the commentary and the chantings from the crowd, there is hardly any life in a match. And if it is a high velocity match like the current Ind vs Aus series, you can expect much more excitement in the ground.

But, when I watched the match yesterday, thanks to the commentary team in DD, the match was even more lifeless than watching it on mute. I do not know who those Hindi commentators were, they have great talent to make such an event-filled match that boring. Most of the time, they had wicket fell, they see the replays and by the time they realise that, I had switched to other channels.

And also they have no clue when some statistics are shown on the screen. That is when they go into a mode where they give commentary to visually impaired people, just read whatever is shown on the screen.

I can go on and on about the depths to which the commentary quality has plunged, esp after watching T20 WC in ESPN.

There is so much money at stake in a cricket match, and can’t they get good quality commentators. And the feed is virtually free of cost for DD, so they can atleast try to find some good people for the commentary team.

And to reward Prasar Bharti for its complete lack of business sense and laziness for decades, the government wants us to pay more tax.!! Hail Democracy!

India in semis!!

No Sachin,Saurav,Dravid in the team.

Not much T20 experience for the players.

A new captain and a new side.

It has been a remarkable performance by TEAM INDIA in this T20 world cup to reach the semis.

Everyone played their part, wonderful fielding vs SA and good knocks from all batsmen.

Two good semifinal clashes ahead. Would be great to see India vs Pak Final. But an Aus vs Nz match would also be a clash of the rivals.

Please Stop Him

3 Captains

2 Coaches

Still he is unstoppable!

When will we be spared from him!!

Please, Please don’t ask him to bowl in the final overs!

Ajit Agarkar