Chaiya Chaiya in Inside Man!

I had the most stupid new year moment just a while ago.

I got this movie, Inside Man from my friend and had very little idea about the movie, I just thought of playing it for a while to see if I like it…

And when I started the movie, I heard the Chaiya Chaiya song’s opening!!! I was so freaked out, my initial thought was that I had some youtube video open or one of those stupid ads has popped up in my browser… I paused the movie and there was silence!

So it was actually coming from the movie only. The second thought was that AR Rahman has lifted this song from this soundtrack(I had no idea when this movie was released at that time.) But then after a few seconds I could hear the exact hindi lyrics!!

Now I was completely confused, there had to be an explanation, my friend played a prank on me by giving the wrong movie or he mistakenly recorded something over this movie. Then I thought there may be two audio tracks and Windows Media Player is mixing them both(I have had this problem with multi-language audio track dvds in WMP), so I promptly switched to VLC player, but saw only one track and it was Chaiya Chaiya again….

And finally I thought I had enough and wanted to find out whatever this is… And no wonder, Wikipedia came to my rescue riteaway…

Well, that was a short post to kickstart the blog in 2008 πŸ™‚ Have got to complete the movie now, Happy New Year to you all πŸ™‚


4 comments so far

  1. hrishikesh on

    same happened to me…lol

  2. Apollo on

    me too….. i just started watching inside man and here i am searching if it is really true of just a prank…..

  3. […] and I was like WTF when the movie started with Chaiyya Chaiyya Song :O This same happened to me: Chaiya Chaiya in Inside Man! Muted Melodies Anyways, Inside Man 7/10 __________________ – MrinTech […]

  4. hareesh on

    me too………. that’s why i am here…….

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