Weekend Movie Marathon

I had a lots of plans for the weekend, to catch up on work, do some shopping, get my clothes washed,etc.. but did not manage to do a single thing as I got a bunch of movies from my friend šŸ™‚

Here goes the list of movies…

  • Amores PerrosImdb
    • Very good movie, from the director of Babel, but a Mexican flick, so it was tough to watch the whole movie with subtitles on.
    • The plot is very similar to Yuva, the whole movie revolves around one incident and how it affected many lives.
  • IdentityImdb
    • Excellent thriller, lots of twists in the plot, and also starring John Cusack, one of my favorites.
    • Don’t read any review/spoilers before watching the movie.
  • My Best Friend’s WeddingImdb
    • No need to tell, I am an out and out Romantic Comedy fan, enjoyed it to the core.
  • October SkyImdb
    • Nice feel good movie, about a bunch of school guys launching a rocket, against all odds. The emotional drama between the father and son is very well portrayed.
    • Small Trivia, the movie is an adaptation of the book named ‘Rocket Boys’ and was not named the same to attract movie-goers of all age groups; incidentally October Sky is an anagram of Rocket Boys

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