Firefox 3 Beta rocks! – Try it out

I just downloaded the Beta 2 of Firefox 3. And I am pretty impressed 🙂

Some of the key features I found to be very useful in FF 3:

  • Tagging for bookmarks
  • Integrated History and Bookmark search from the address bar
  • A quick find search box in the Manage Passwords panel. – This is very very useful if you are trying to search for a password.
  • A new smart Bookmarks folder that has most visited and recently visited pages.
  • A button to open ‘Manage addons’ from Firefox Options panel. – I many often go to the Options panel instead of Addons, so this is helpful

But still, I am not able to find most extensions to be compatible with FF3 and that is the main reason I am not migrating to FF3 and just trying to get familiar with the new features.

And the coolest thing is that FF3 comes in Portable edition, so you can just download the portable version from here, and then download it to some other folder like D:\Firefox3\ and run that exe instead of your normal Firefox exe whenever you want to work on FF3. None  of your settings in Firefox 2 are affected because of this and you are safe to return back to browsing in Firefox 2.


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