Will Sehwag come bak in Tests…

Dinesh Karthik has been having a bad series so far. And seeing the way Dravid and Jaffer are batting, there is a possibility that we may not need to bat again in this test; so will they think of replacing Karthik in the next match…

I think Sehwag in form, is a great addition to our batting lineup, we need someone at the top who can play very aggressively; esp with the Australian tour coming up.. And I like the way he has become fitter now and esp the running between wickets…

Already, there is no place for Yuvraj in the team, and we need someone who plays aggressively in our lineup. Dhoni is very effective down the order, so if we have Sehwag blasting Brett Lee and co. at the top, it would be a great advantage for us.

Ofcourse, I am not against Dinesh Karthik, and I hope, he gets back to form very soon; but Sehwag is a match winner and can change the course of a match very quickly, something we need to consider when we are playing against the Aussies.

Apart from Sehwag and karthik, I dont think we have any other option as of now, at-least before the next series.

Update: Dravid got out as soon as this post got published 😦


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  1. Entertainment News on

    its now tough for him ,he has to do something really different !

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