Harsha Bhogle’s speech at IIMA

Harsha speaks about excellence… one of the best speeches I have heard recently…


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  1. Abhishek on

    Hi there Arvind…

    I am a huge fan of Harsha too. And Harsha was kind enough for an interview with us which lasted a good 3o odd minutes…


    Please click on the above link to go to the page which has the mp3 file.

    Hope you enjoy it.


  2. Arvind on

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for the link, enjoyed the interview and also the other podcasts, hav subscribed to indicast 🙂


  3. Abhishek on

    Hi Arvind,

    I am glad you enjoyed the conversation. I keep saying this, “Harsha is a humble man!” He really is.

    And it’s great to know that you subscribed! Have fun.


  4. Divya Raj on

    Hi Aravind,
    Thank you for posting this. Great speech and quite inspiring. Is it possible for m to download it from somewhere?


  5. GaneshRam on

    it was really good and inspiring speech,i think we have 2 be like this person.

  6. JS on

    Great…and Awesome..

  7. dheeraj on

    hi arvind ,

    the video quality is poor , can u send me ne link with better video quality

  8. dheeraj on

    or can u send me the link of audio file of the same

  9. dheeraj on

    my gmail id is dheeraj03@gmail.com

  10. raajaguru on

    Can u give me link where i can get the audio of Harsha’s speech in mp3 form??

  11. Rahul Bafna on

    Thanks Abhishek for the Nice posting,

    Enjoyed the Interview.

    Please post some other interviews of Harsha Bhogle.



  12. Dives on

    Great speech, indeed !!!!!

  13. Shweta on

    Hi Arvind ,

    This is Shweta. Listening to Erudite personalities is always a learnable experience. Thanks for posting such speeches..Its really nice to have time worth utilized like this.

    Were you also a part of this Speech?


  14. Aditya choudhary on

    hey it is really an experience to listen someone like harsha.everytime i listen to him it is like paying my obeisance to the god of confidence.can i get the link from where i can download the speech given by him at iim ahmedabad in mp3 form.i would really be greatful.m email id is nowwinaditya@gmail.com

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