1two3ty1 – 10


Arabic numbers were boring, so moved to Roman numerals 🙂

The long shot of the object can be found here.

This is my 10th entry for 1two3ty1.

Click here to see all the entries.


10 comments so far

  1. chengizkhan on

    This is what they call ‘Innovative Cheating’. Keep up the good work! But, I am surprised that Hindi has not made an appearance for quite sometime now. Kya jee?

  2. Arvind on

    haha, leave hindi,wat do u say abt telugu 😉

  3. Ravi.L.N. on

    i think you can take the number plate of some buses which are written in Telugu [;)].. but make sure u know what is that number b4 publishing

  4. Siva on

    ahhaaa… axed? ennapo poda Arvind.. engayooo poita.. 😉

  5. Arvind on

    Siva, ippo thaan pudu company sendirukken, athukkulla axed!

  6. Siva on

    deei.. un range’e vera? a tech wizard.. remember my orkut testimonial for you? how will anyone think of axing you? its you who axed..;).. you also use axe.. isnt it..? 😉

  7. Arvind on

    aahaa, kelambitteengalaa 🙂

  8. Ranjhith on

    Nice thought but a bad shot. 🙂

  9. Arvind on

    Ranjhith, my camera dint fall for the axe effect 😉

  10. Roopa on

    my camera dint fall for the axe effect

    actually, I think it did fall for the axe effect. after all, the tagline goes, ‘axe: makes nice cameras shoot bad’! 😉

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