Murdering a cricket match

Have you seen a cricket match on mute? It would be as boring as watching a parliament session(unless you have MPs throwing chappals 😉 ). Without the commentary and the chantings from the crowd, there is hardly any life in a match. And if it is a high velocity match like the current Ind vs Aus series, you can expect much more excitement in the ground.

But, when I watched the match yesterday, thanks to the commentary team in DD, the match was even more lifeless than watching it on mute. I do not know who those Hindi commentators were, they have great talent to make such an event-filled match that boring. Most of the time, they had wicket fell, they see the replays and by the time they realise that, I had switched to other channels.

And also they have no clue when some statistics are shown on the screen. That is when they go into a mode where they give commentary to visually impaired people, just read whatever is shown on the screen.

I can go on and on about the depths to which the commentary quality has plunged, esp after watching T20 WC in ESPN.

There is so much money at stake in a cricket match, and can’t they get good quality commentators. And the feed is virtually free of cost for DD, so they can atleast try to find some good people for the commentary team.

And to reward Prasar Bharti for its complete lack of business sense and laziness for decades, the government wants us to pay more tax.!! Hail Democracy!


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