Please Stop Him

3 Captains

2 Coaches

Still he is unstoppable!

When will we be spared from him!!

Please, Please don’t ask him to bowl in the final overs!

Ajit Agarkar


5 comments so far

  1. kk on

    lol.. nice one!!

    and i have tagged you on “things i will do… ” – my latest blog post..

  2. Siva on

    heeey Arvind.. looks like the selection committee heard you. 😉

  3. Arvind on

    @Siva, yeah very good move from selection committee… but still Sehwag is out, even from the A team 😦

  4. Karan Singh on

    You guys are just racist.Although he is out of form what did ur fucking sreesanth do.It was a luck we won because of our Joginder Sharma.South people dont know to play.And yes under a south
    Indian balling coach no one can do better.Hopefully Indian team wipre out this fuckers.

  5. Arvind on

    this guy calls me a racist!!

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