Google! I am feeling lucky this week..

Two of my oft used web apps received major updates this week.

Google Reader has got Search and a lot of other enhancements making it even more better and easier to use.

And Orkut has added news feeds like Facebook. I always liked Facebook more but stuck with Orkut because I have more than 200 friends who have not yet moved to Facebook. So it is nice to see many enhancements in Orkut recently.

It is nice to see Orkut come up with news feeds finally. All the users have been doing this for a long time by changing their names. Many times I wonder who is this “New pics uploaded” in my friend list. Now if they upload new pics, they need not do this.

Also it would be good, if Orkut comes up with Status Updates like in Facebook. It would again save users from changing their names.


2 comments so far

  1. Ashwin on

    I too was waiting for a long time on the search feature in Google Reader (A reader from Google, but without search – ironical right!!). But that has been taken care of now 🙂

    I think Orkut looks totally revamped with a glossy look! With the competition on for the social networking sites, we can wait and expect more from the Orkut team…

  2. Arvind on

    yeah Ashwin, am waiting for more changes in Orkut..

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