Good and Bad of Media

The media has become much more powerful than before, in India. With new news channels cropping up every month and the increase in awareness of the people, the media can literally make or break someone’s life with the power they possess.

But is this development really good for us? I am not entirely convinced.

First, I came across this news of HC giving 3 yrs jail to Pereira in the hit and run case. This retrial by HC and the judgement is completely because of the media coverage on the incident. The accused was initially let off with only 6 months prison! And only after media made so much hue and cry about that judgement, the HC interfered. This shows how media can influence the judiciary even! 

While I was thanking the media for the above development, I read this other news about how an entire sting operation was staged! The teacher who was accused with harassment has been harassed by the society over the past one week. She was even attacked by a mob. Only because of the sensationalism made by the media on this.

Media, having such an influence on the public should realize its responsibilities and behave accordingly; as a guide for the citizens in forming their opinions and not give biased opinions as news. 

But I dont see it happening anytime soon as TV channels seem to be only worried about their viewership ratings and do not care about who gets victimized because of it.


2 comments so far

  1. Ashwin on

    Very true… Media could be compared to a double-edged sword – can win you fame but when pressed hard, could hurt too 🙂

  2. Siva on

    You should have attended the session at ISB.. was a good one.. though not directly related to this got to know a lot more about media and some issues they face and in general about the industry..
    i am a critic too.. 🙂

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