Perfect Match for India

It was a stunning batting performance from India to outplay England. Sachin’s innings was a delight to watch; Sourav played some gorgeous shots and then Yuvraj played like a Maharaj. Never did England look on top. Boundaries were scored off almost every over. Stuart Broad was shown his place and the disdain Ganguly showed for Anderson made Collingwood worry about his bowling options for the first time.

It is surprising to see us down in this series with all our top 4 batsmen in such good form. We have been losing mainly because of our team composition. Even yesterday, our gamble with Gambhir came off, but still I would prefer Dravid to come at number 3 and have Robin Uthappa down the order instead of Karthik/Gambhir.

Our fielding was more spirited yesterday, though not that effective yet. That ball was definitely jinxed, it kept hitting the fingers everytime.

The next match is going to be very crucial for India, not to lose the momentum and continue this kind of form. If someone can also get that century that has been elusive in this tour, it would be a bonus.


5 comments so far

  1. guess on

    why is AJIT AGARKAR still in the TEAM

  2. Arvind on

    because he is better than Munaf i think…

  3. ashwinc on

    True… India were back like Lions 🙂
    I just wish them to retain the momentum to make the final game a thriller!!

  4. kk on

    Neeru, where is Viru ? You think we need him at the top .. soon ?

  5. Arvind on

    definitely KK, we miss him very much.. and also someone like Pathan…

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