England on a roll

I was very happy. I had never blogged about an Indian victory and yesterday I thought I finally had the chance. Collingwood was playing magnificently and he did not look like getting out to any bowler. And as it happens with a perfect movie script, he succumbed to a runout… But after that, the script changed; infact Bopara and Broad changed it with great will and composure.. It was so sad to see India losing from a position you can never lose…

India won the Test series mainly because they played well as a team; but I hardly see that happening in the one dayers. Our batsmen look lost for most part of the innings and the bowlers are bowling well in patches but are let down by the fielding.

What has happened to England! they were such a bad one day side only a few months back and suddenly they seem to have the perfect team! The re-emergence of Anderson has been their biggest asset and also the performances from the bunch of allrounders they have in Flintoff, Bopara, Collingwood and Broad.

India had five bowlers and still had to bowl Yuvraj; England had four and Bopara did not bowl!

Pieterson has not yet played a big innings and I wonder how it is going to be when he and Flintoff come to party.


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  1. Siva on

    Thats the greatness of our Indian cricket team.. they can make a hero out of a zero… if anyone (or a team) wants to make it big the best option for them is to play India..having won the test series our team is relaxing..why do you ask them to play one dayer’s now? don’t they need rest? 😉

  2. Gaurav on

    chill it guys, I don’t know what Powar is doing in the team and where our team is headed but hey I will always be a FANNNNN!!!!

  3. Arvind on

    @Siva, yeah we also need a rest 🙂

    @Gaurav, well, it is difficult being a FAN in a time like this, hope we bounce bak in the remaining games

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