Losing the plot

India lost the match comprehensibly yday. I can only think of one reason. We played a lot of test cricket recently and the Indians thought a one day match can be drawn! Gambhir, Dhoni, Dravid were thinking of drawing this match and tried hard to save it and then worry about the series later.. but sadly they couldnt even muster a draw as they were all out…

Seriously, were Indians ever in the match! I saw only one team out there. The way Bell and Cook played and how effortlessly they picked boundaries almost every over during the crucial middle overs was exceptional. Apart from Zaheer, none of the bowlers asked any questions and the fielding was pathetic to say the least. Just the other day we were discussing about the way the young Indians fielded against England Lions, but now the laziness is back and I wonder how it is gonna be when Powar or Munaf joins the field.

Coming to the batting, well England are a better fielding side, but no one would have thought Monty to cause a run out. But Ganguly was more involved in the run out than Monty. And then when you expect your most reliable batsman(read Dravid) at number 3 to steady the situation and rotate the strike, a listless Gambhir comes in and is very content in leaving the balls and making Sachin frustrated at the non striker’s end and then eventually gets out making the situation as worse as it can get after you lose a quick wicket. And then the Indians were content for a draw, and I went to sleep…

Hoping for a reversal of fortunes like it happened in the test series.


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  1. Kapil on

    Damm, i was awake till the 35 th over hoping for something to happen… India got it all wrong. We were predicting 5-2 , but guess we forgot to tell who takes five !

  2. Arvind on

    Kapil, i was also half hoping to see a miracle in the headlines today morning, but we didnt deserve one.. England also has a habit of inconsistency in the one dayers, so it is too early to predict the series…

  3. Siva on

    I dint watch the match but then the scores says it all… we were beaten squarely…probably we became complacent with the test series win… i only hope the boys start playing seriously.. Btw ..were they also worrying or interested in ICL ? 😉

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