Finally found an use for GreaseMonkey

I installed GreaseMonkey on my Firefox a couple of months back. And I tried many of the scripts to tweak various sites, but did not find any of them very essential, so I mostly disable GreaseMonkey and have it installed only to try some new scripts..

Finally I found out a real useful script today. I am totally addicted to Google Reader these days and today I came across some post about a new firefox addon. I forgot to star it, and when I wanted to find it again, I could not locate it as I got another 200 posts within hours. I seriously dont understand why there is a search box in Google Reader, goes against the unsaid Google policy of ‘search and not sort’..

That is when I installed this Google Reader Search greasemonkey script. It is a very essential script, atleast until Google adds Search to the Reader(I hope this happens soon)


5 comments so far

  1. shivku on

    Did you try the gmail + reader integration script? It is out of the world. Gmail+ reader at one place..

  2. Arvind on

    yeah i use Better Gmail which includes that.. many times i prefer a bundled extension than many scripts..

  3. cococokie on

    I heard a lot about GreaseMonkey but didnt have to chance to try it. Do i have to program scripts for the website? Is it just an end-user thing?

    arvind what exactly does google reader do?

  4. Arvind on

    no need to program, many scripts r already ther, u can just install them..

    well Google Reader is the best RSS reader according to me…

  5. cococokie on

    hmm…if you visit a site often do you have to use rss? For me i think by visiting a site is better, since you can see changes that rss cant?

    let me check out greasemonkey when im free 😀

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