What are you addicted to?

Which websites are you most addicted to? I knew I was kind of spending more time on Google Reader, but just found out that I orkut 37% of my time and Google Reader comes a close second at 34%. And I also found that I spend 55% of my time from morning in active browsing…

If you want to know your addictions, all you need is this Firefox extension. Page Addict is a cool addon that monitors your net usage. The information is stored only on your machine and not online, so it is safe enough.. 


3 comments so far

  1. Ashwin on

    cool addon!! will try to figure my addiction 🙂

  2. cococokie on

    hi arvind. i think im addicted to reading blogs like yours haha.

  3. Arvind on

    @cococokie, i wud like tat 🙂

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