India losing the edge at Oval…

For the last 3 days, it has been completely India on Top in this test match. But then they are squandering the advantage now.. First, the follow on should have been enforced considering that rains were forecast. And after deciding to bat again, the idea should have been to score quick runs.. But 12 of 96 from Dravid and 13* of 45 from Laxman is not what I had hoped to see. I know we lost quick wickets, but then England were one bowler short and had we seized the initiative and looked more positive, we could have got England completely in the back seat and also mentally down..

But slowly India is allowing England to harbour some hope, I see Prior increasing his volume and a visibly more enthued fielding unit. If this gets carried over to their batting, they can very well save this match. The only thing I found entertaining was Ganguly’s knock, some very good shots and at a brisk pace…

Seeing the way the ball is swinging for Collingwood, I am wondering why India is not bowling in these conditions… Well, all is not lost, if Indians bowl as well as they have been in this series, we can still manage a win, but we had the chance to completely demoralise England by playing some positive cricket…


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