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I checked out Tol Mol Bol today. It is basically a local search engine and also provides reviews. The UI is pretty good and the best feature is the mashup with Google Maps; this is first such thing I have seen for local listings… And also for hyderabad, the search results were very good, it showed many restaurants I usually dont find in other sites…

There is a growing number of local search engines now and it is good, you can not rely on Google or Yahoo to get local listings.. I have also been using Guruji and JustDial but found TolMolBol to be more suited to my needs..


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  1. Rithesh Prasad on


    I am glad you like tolmolbol. Thanks for the kind words. We are based in Hyd too and you are welcome to drop in to our office anytime.

    Hope you have lots of fun on tolmolbol meeting new people, reading/writing reviews and sharing your experiences :)!

    Rithesh – tolmolbol.com

  2. Arvind on

    Rithesh, thanks for the invite 🙂 would love to visit you guys…

  3. Siva on

    pretty cool stuff… even some of search I did had some good results..

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