Horrible Experience…

I had the worst weekend in terms of ordering food. I caught a severe cold, so couldn’t go out for food; btw I live in this wonderful place called Kondapur, near HiTec City, where if you need to eat anything other than Pizza or Biryani, you need to travel at least 5 kms…

On Saturday, I decided to order from Nihal Foods (don’t be fooled by the website, it can at the most be called a dhaba). I have never had food delivered by them in less than an hour, so I ordered at around 12 o clock itself. And then I called them up at around 1 to remind them of my order. They assured me that the person has left and will reach in another 10 minutes. I waited till 2, then I thought there is no use in waiting, so I called them up and canceled my order and cooked maggi instead… And I went for a little nap when I heard my buzzer ring at around 4.45 in the evening. I cannot even imagine that the delivery guy had the courage to show up his face after the scolding I gave them on the phone. But I was in for a complete surprise; Apparently this guy didn’t know I had canceled the order a couple of hours back and actually came to deliver me the parcel, that I had ordered what seemed like ages back. I really wished I had learnt to speak proper Hindi for I would have given this guy a proper treatment, I blasted him for some 2 mins and exhausted my complete Hindi vocabulary. Half of it didn’t make sense, but the guy just left, without even trying to offer an apology.

That experience made me strike out Nihal from my restaurant list; the list is getting smaller every week. There are hardly any proper restaurants near Hitec City and the service they provide is pathetic.. where are all those wonderful eatout options I had at Bangalore and Chennai…


5 comments so far

  1. ashwinc on

    Sad state… You must have noticed that there is no time commitment in their website (!!!), for home delivery… he he he

  2. Arvind on

    haha.. i was surprised they had a website, didnt look into the details 🙂

  3. Siva on

    bad experience Arvind… I think the term service doesn’t exist in most places.. 😦

  4. Arvind on

    rite Siva, tat is the sad part..

  5. […] from Nihal Foods Posted August 9, 2007 As you may know, I had written here, about my not so good experience with Nihal Foods. I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email […]

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