Unclutter your gmail inbox

I am getting a lot of mails from Facebook and Pownce these days; hence I was wondering if there is any way to use a filter in gmail to put them in a separate folder.

In gmail, there is no support for folders, they use labels instead, but you can create a filter in such a way to make a label similar to a folder.

Go to gmail settings to create a filter in gmail – In the actions, select “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” and then “Apply a label”..

I am not sure when this skip the inbox action was added, may be I missed it last time, but this makes it easy to remove those notifications from the inbox…


6 comments so far

  1. karthikeyan -kk on

    neers, but i love the folder option better than the label option. Gmail could work on a folder, like yahoo?

  2. Arvind on

    yeah KK, i already see folders in the google docs’ latest release, so I think it is on the way for mail as well…

  3. Ravi.L.N. on

    This was a great idea… Its helping me to maintain the huge number of mails coming from different groups..
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Arvind on

    Ravi, good to know it helped u 🙂

  5. Al on

    Great tip Arvind!

    I’ve had a gmail account for a while but never bothered to look into all the settings for labels/filters etc. I’ve joined Facebook recently and can see this trick coming in very handy already!


  6. Arvind on

    Thanks Al, welcome to my blog 🙂

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