The past couple of weeks have been a bit of up and down for me in terms of meeting my expectations.

Sivaji, after so much hype lived up partially to it, Rajni was awesome, but the movie did not really inspire me..

Wimbledon final, with absolutely no expectation(I was wondering if Nadal would be able to get a set atleast, on grass) was terrific. I am a Nadal fan now, not just for his game, but for the character which he displayed throughout the match. Go Fighter!

Indian Idol, I have not followed the previous editions and was drawn to this mainly because of Amit Varma. I watched my first episode this Saturday, and I decided never to watch it again. The whole result announcement was very very dramatic and played out pretty badly by the judges and the contestants. And to show a contestant taking a complete makeover thanks to some skin clinic made me wonder if I was watching another Ekta Kapoor soap…

Now why I am afraid of all that has happened is because the mother of all expectations is coming out in a couple of weeks. I am a Harry Potter Fan to the core… if the 7th book is even half of what it promises to be, I would take it… I hope it pans out as well as the previous books. I was not very happy with the 6th book as there were very few instances where Harry and co were not outsmarted by Malfoy.. I hope all that has been reserved for the final edition.. I have not yet ordered the book, if you know of a good offer in hyderabad do let me know..


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