When did we lose it?

The end result might have been close, but while watching yesterday’s match, there was always some kind of inevitability about the result.

Piyush Chawla bowled well but still there was this feeling in the back of my mind that someone, Kallis or Boucher would bat it out… It has got to do with the attitude of our players I guess… Dropping shoulders, constipated looks on the captain’s face.. a face saving performance as opposed to a match saving one.. these aren’t good signs…

India lost the plot even before the match… they had this feeling that SA is a better team and that the pitch is a bit difficult to bat on.. When you lose two early wickets, you play defensively for some 5 overs to ease the pressure, not for 30 overs and defintiely not when you have one Sachin Tendulkar at the crease…

Coming to Sachin, this is not the first time in recent matches that he has made the pitch and the bowlers look more demonic than they are.. this is not the signal that the batsmen in the pavilion need to get before they come to bat…

I agree that we were a bowler short and that could have made a big difference in the final stages of the match, but did we make the best use of what we had, Sachin was not tried, which is a big mistake and there was no attacking field, Kallis was happy to take easy 2s many a time during the final overs…

The only positive from the match was the way Chawla bowled on a not so spin friendly pitch.. hope he keeps learning from the experiences and contiues to be an attacking bowler and not to what Harbhajan has become nowadays…


5 comments so far

  1. Sivakumar Jayaraman on

    che che… intha aatam nalla illa.. (read like che che intha pazam pulikum)

  2. Arvind on

    hmmm tats the sad state now…

  3. ashwinc on

    i have a feeling that Indians look so confident, only off the field. On the field, they lack confidence and finally give themselves away to better teams

  4. karthikeyan -kk on

    Neers, wonder what your thoughts are, now that the series got over!! 😛

  5. Arvind on

    KK, it was a deserving win, complete turnaround from the first match!!

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