Live on Sun Sports!

I am bak from a long vacation, had a very good time in the hills of kodaikanal. Will post about the trip wen I get bak to work…

Today, I found from the papers that India is starting its long tour of UK with a match against Ireland. I remembered a tussle between the broadcaster and BCCI for this series sometime bak and wondered if I would be able to catch the match live on TV. Even the previous series against Bangladesh was not telecast in any of the sports channels.

But when I was surfing the channels in the afternoon, to my utter surprise, found the Live Telecast in not one but 3 channels. It was a tough choice to decide on which to (not)watch the match. DD, I thought had the undisputedly worst commentary team and hence switched to the next one. This was SAB TV and I had no intention of hearing the hindi commentary. So I moved to the last choice. There was some general coverage on the stadium and the country of Ireland and I could not figure out what channel it was, initially from the logo. There was a SUN symbol and it said SPORTS in bold! Well my initial thoughts moved to the great SUN TV which has been in news recently becoz of the SUN vs SON battle in DMK. But SUN and SPORTS together, I thought it was the best Oxymoron… C’mon, SUN TV thrives on making the whole of TamilNadu weep by showing those totally senseless serials all day, how could they even think of showing something that people would actually love to watch…

Very soon I was found wrong… it was our very own SUN TV.. Soon after the coverage on Ireland was over, they showed the players on field and immediately I could hear Chennai Senthamizh in the commentary. The commentator was none other than Bhaski who is a famous TV anchor whom I have never heard in connection with cricket. I had confirmation immediately. Bhaski gave very insightful thoughts on why he thought Porter(field) can easily carry his wicket throughout the innings and how the Indian team can easily win a music competition having many a Sing(h) in the lineup.

That was the last straw, I watched the rest of the innings on mute. I am longing for those days when I can hear Harsha Bhogle and Ravi Shastri commenting again for an Indian match…


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  1. Sivakumar Jayaraman on

    relax Arvind.. there is politics everywhere from Sun to Son;) cricket and even presidential elections.. it should be really great even of we get to watch a match.. leave alone with good commentary..

  2. Arvind on

    Siva, u r rite, we r atleast getting to see the match..

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