Get me a ticket

I have never seen such a craze.. A madness is sweeping through south india and the tremors are felt throughout the world. I am not talking about a Tsunami, but something that has much more impact on the minds of Tamil movie lovers. A Rajni movie is releasing, and this time it is also a Shankar movie. Add A.R. Rahman to it and you get the most talked about movie ever. I have never seen a news channel releasing very proudly a trailer of a movie. And then there is some poll or the other related to the movie on every national news channel.

From Neyveli to NewYork, all tickets in June seems to have been booked already.. People who have a first week ticket are being offered all sorts of things for the ticket. I am not going to watch the movie on a DVD or in Telugu at Hyderabad; hope i can catch it in Chennai next week…


2 comments so far

  1. chengizkhan on

    Neyveli to New York.. Too much :D.. The NY connection, eh!

  2. Arvind on

    haha 😀 i luv NY 😉

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