For all the foodies of HiTec City

Ask anyone at Hitec City, which place shall we go out to have food, the favourite choice would be Begumpet or Banjara Hills. And if you wanna hav a good Biryani, then you need to go even far to Paradise or Bawarachi.

When me and my friend wanted to check out some new place to eat on a Friday nite, I asked him shall we check out this new restaurant called Four Seasons, which I heard from a friend of mine. He asked me where that is and I said Tolichowki! He was like mad! and tat is expected coz Tolichowki is this nothin place some 10 kms away from Hitec City(on the direction opposite to civilization) and more known to be on the route to Mehdipatnam and has absolutely no other significance. I have only heard this word a couple of times over the 3 years I have been in hyderabad.

Naturally we were a bit skeptical about finding a restaurant(forget abt it being good) at such a place.

But being driven to the ultimate level of boredom thanks to the amazing work(or the lack of it) that we do we decided to check this place anyways. We had a fall back plan to eat at this new mallu joint Kairali that has opened up near Gachibowli.

After traveling for about 10 kms on the highway we could see nothing but trucks and few roadside dhabas. We were about to give up our search as there was not even the remote possibility for any life on this part of the city let alone a speciality restaurant.. but then suddenly out of no where there was the largest Trinethra outlet I have seen. That was like oasis in the middle of a desert, we wondered wat that building was doing in this place. That was just the beginning, suddenly as if we were traveling through time and went 4 generations into the future, we saw so many restaurants around that place.

The Hyderabad Houses, the Amaravatis, Chic King, everything could be found, and one shop out of 4 is a Kebab joint. Even a hospital is named Kaba(b). And I should definitely mention this shop which specialises in the most exquisite teas in the world, i cant even remember its name. We were wondering how HiTec City is decades behind development in terms of places to eat compared to the rest of the city.

And then we finally found Four Seasons, which is actually part of an island of restaurants serving all types of cuisine; there were a couple of icecream joints, biryani spots, and of course the kebab joints. One of the restaurant was celebrating International Kebab Festival!

We had very good food at a decent price at Four Seasons. The Dum ka Murg I had there is the best I have had at hyderabad. I would definitely suggest you to try the tandoori platters as well.

From now on Tolichowki is gonna be the place I am heading to for all the gastronomic delights yet to be explored. From Hitec city this is definitely the most easily accessible place to have the best kind of food.

So what are you waiting for, there is atleast one thing you need to do over the weekend, check this place out. Happy Dining 🙂

PS: Though my description may be a bit too effusive becoz of the zero expectation I had before trying this place, it is definitely one of the coolest place to eat out near HiTec city, do check it out


6 comments so far

  1. Sivakumar Jayaraman on

    yeah.. i vouch for this place four seasons as well as Tolichowki….

  2. Vishnu on

    To add to the tolichowki dining beauty

    The Kebab place u have mentioned has the best/cheapest kebabs in the city(value for money).
    The softy joint beside 4 seasons is well known for thick shakes. It also hosts the best haleem in the city but u have to wait till Ramzaan

  3. Ravi on

    thanks …nice article…but is it a good place for veggies too…

  4. Arvind on

    hi ravi, ther r many veggie options as well..

  5. amit on

    Hey.. are u guys still blogging here? I have something to say

  6. praveen on

    Has anyone tried the new 4 seasons which opened near hitech city, opposite to Satyam office near kothaguda circle?

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