Control Online apps by IM!!

If you are one of those users who love to use a web based application like Google Calendar or Online ToDo list, but are lazy to open a browser, login to the application and go through the various steps to add a simple calendar entry, then there is good news.

I know there are already a few firefox extensions to take care of certain tasks like adding to Google Calendar. But now you can do all that and much more by just sending an Instant Message!! Yes, an IM, thats all is needed now to control your web applications.

I am sure all of us would be logged into atleast one IM account all the time. It is as easy as pinging someone.

Okay, here is what you need to do. There is this application called IMified. All you need to do is add the corresponding IM buddy to your account(for example for Google Talk). Then just chat with the buddy to set up or view all your online notes/calendar entries.

You can go to your account by finding the account url from the buddy and then add/configure the various widgets. You can also setup easy shortcuts for certain tasks.

Go and check it out for more options.


PS: There is some issue now with Yahoo, but that should be sorted out soon.


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