Web Search 2.0

I am a big big fan of Google. I have hardly thought about using any other search engine. But after reading many blog posts about the various people powered search engines that have been mushrooming recently, I decided to check them out.

And by the initial results, I am pretty impressed by what I found. The idea is pretty simple. You have a community of people or guides to actually read through the search results and rate them so that you get the most rated stuff when you search. This sounds fine, but I thought this would mean I have to wait a long time for getting my search results. But when I checked out Cha Cha I was very satisfied with the response I got.

Initially you have to type in your search term. Then you have the option of chatting live! with a guide who asks further questions and finds out the best from the results. It depends on the guide, but all of them I had a chance to speak with were very good.

People Powered search is fast becoming the next big trend in terms of search. I wonder when the big guys like Google, Yahoo and MS are gonna jump into this.

In case you are interested in other similar search engines, please visit Mashable’s Top Ten which has a detailed comparison.


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